SharePoint Lists Approvals Integration with Microsoft Teams

In this video we will take a first look at the New SharePoint List Templates with Approvals.
Whether you need to approve a purchase order, a vacation request, or a blog post, Microsoft Teams based Approvals in Microsoft Lists / SharePoint Lists can help you streamline the process and collaborate with your team.
Introducing two new list templates that embed the Approvals app (service) into the Lists experience. With this change, two Microsoft Lists templates appear – specifically Travel Requests with approvals and Content Scheduler with approvals; both bring integration with the Approvals app in Microsoft Teams. You’ll see the new list templates within the Create list experience.

Microsoft Lists templates will leverage integration with the Approvals app in Microsoft Teams.
This feature allows starting off an approval request directly from within Microsoft Lists / SharePoint Lists.
With these two templates, you can create a list item and submit it for approval by creating an approval request and specifying the approvers, the request will appear in the Approvals app in Teams or can be approved directly from within the SharePoint list. Once approved, the list item status is updated automatically.

Note: This is an optional feature that users can leverage by using one of the two new list templates. If they opt out of the Approvals integration when creating the list, the value of each template carries through – minus the added approval functionality.
As of time of video recording, it is currently being rolled out to Targeted Release tenants.

Announcement of New List Templates with Approvals…

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Table of Contents:
00:00 – Introduction to SharePoint Lists Approvals Integration with Teams Approvals App
00:43 – New Microsoft List Approval Templates
01:41 – Request an Approval from SharePoint List
03:22 – Approvals App in Microsoft Teams
05:21 – Edit SharePoint List Item retriggers Approval in Teams
07:36 – Approval Status, Approvers and Responses columns to Track Approvals in SharePoint
09:50 – Cancel an Approval Request
10:22 – Send Approval Request to Groups
10:30 – Approval Status Column
10:52 – How to create approvals on custom SharePoint Lists?
11:42 – Subscribe to Reza Dorrani channel

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